About Us

It is our mission to provide a safe responsible place for all to learn to use and enjoy firearms, from the experienced shooter to the one being taught for the first time. At Black Creek, safety is the most important aspect of being a member of our club. It is the responsibility of every member to supervise their guests, whether in a training experience or live-firing on a range. Our Range Safety Officer (SRO) has total control of any range when he is present. If he is not present, it is the responsibility of every member to safely handle his/her firearm and treat other members with respect.

Every visit to our ranges should be an enjoyable experience. We can train the first-time shooter to the tactical marksman. Helping you build confidence each time you visit is necessary for your safety and ours.
As a “members only and their guests” gun club, we offer targets, ammunition and cleaning supplies to our members at nominal prices, if you use all of your supplies. Being a certified NRA range, all members and staff are members of the National Rifle Association.

Competition matches are held regularly for 3-gun, BenchRest, IDPA, SASS, and Steel.

All programs are conducted within the letter and spirit of Local, State, and Federal laws.

An FFL is available to assist you if you need to order firearms.

Kay C. Young, President & CEO

Kay C. Young has been the owner of Young’s Gun Shop since 1970. He began to work on his fifty-acre gun range shortly thereafter. K.C., as he is called by most, has been active in Bench Rest shooting for 40+ years. He continues until the present to participate in matches held at least on a monthly basis. K.C. has actively worked on rifles replacing barrels for international shooters, and worked for years re-bluing rifle barrels and pistols. His skills have been sought out by many local and international gun owners. As a skilled shooter, he has won many awards in matches out to a thousand yards.

Kay C.’s generosity in making repairs for members of the Black Creek Gun Club are well known to many members. His skills as a machinist are appreciated by many. He learned to operate heavy equipment to build the berms needed for the ranges. This has assured that safety is paramount on all of the ranges on the property.